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The EBway Story

Built on a foundation of research, development and world-wide marketing of our patented manufacturing technology…

Ebway BuildingFor over 50 years, EBway LLC has served the metal stamping industry with innovative Technology, Tooling and Wire EDM techniques.

The company originated in 1961 under the name of Minnie Punch & Die Co. in Union, New Jersey. It's founder, Edward Bennett, had invented the Minnie Die which was a low cost stamping tool for materials up to 0.125” thick. This unique technology was patented and licensed to many tool and die companies throughout the United States and in 35 countries of Europe and Asia.

In 1971, Mr. Bennett developed a new tooling system for conventional stampings called "Grip Blanking". Grip Blanking dies were more durable than the Minnie Dies and had the advantage of stamping thicker metals with longer production runs. It was with the development of this technology that triggered the changing of the name of the company to EBway LLC.

In 1977, EBway LLC moved from New Jersey to its new facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Soon afterward, EBway purchased its first pair of Wire Electrical Discharge Machines (Wire-EDM). These new, accurate machines were used to cut the punch and die details of the EBway tooling. The Wire-EDM machines were also made available to other mold and die shops and consequently, EBway was the first in Florida to offer a Wire-EDM subcontract service.

Wire-EDM was the missing link in the finalization of an idea that Ed Bennett had been tooling with for years. He finally was able to develop a way to make smooth edge stampings that exceeded the quality and accuracy of conventional stampings. This new technology was called "GRIPflow®".

The only technology coming close to Gripflow was Fineblanking. Fineblanking, however, is a very costly process requiring specialized tooling and punch presses. Different than that of Fineblanking, Gripflow does not require an impingement ring (thus the Gripflow press has full blanking tonnage --- whereas a Fineblanking press may only have 60% of its blanking tonnage), the Gripflow punch actually enters the die, its slugs pass through the die similar to a conventional die, and a modified conventional punch press is used to run production that can run either Gripflow tooling or conventional tooling. Many stampings that could not be made by Fineblanking (due to certain features that are not attainable by the Fineblanking process --- such as extremely small holes and small web-sections) have been successfully produced with the Gripflow stamping process. The costs to manufacture the Gripflow tooling and to run production is dramatically less than that of Fineblanking --- at times 30 to 50 percent less --- yet the quality is equivalent.

EBway's Research & Development Team is continuously exploring ways to improve the quality, accuracy and costs of its stamping process and to develop new technology. To date, Gripflow has been able to eliminate the need for many secondary machining operations performed on stamped parts, such as drilling, reaming, countersinking, counterboring, milling, shaving, broaching and straightening.

Our 40,000 square foot facility is home to the EBway team where they design and manufacture Gripflow tooling and produce stampings to the customer's part prints. Metal forming and dimensional problems are addressed and solved in the state-of-the-art computer design department. The design then goes to the skilled craftsmen in the tool room who utilize CNC machining centers and Wire-EDM machines to produce the Gripflow tools. When the tooling has been completed and the First Article part(s)/PPAP have been approved by the customer it then goes to the stamping department where long and short runs are done on press equipment ranging up to 440 ton capacity. Parts from 0.040” to 0.500” thick are made from a variety of materials including, but not limited to, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and brass --- provided they have good metalworking qualities.

Gifted with innovation, know-how and creativity, EBway is on the leading edge of technology with a mission to provide its customers with a quality product at a fair cost. We welcome those who are interested in learning more about how the Gripflow stamping process may benefit them and suggest that they contact us for more information.