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The Fine Blanking Alternative
for Quality Metal Stampings

ISO 9001:2015

Gripflow Features

  • True square edges with a full bearing surface. The edges are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces.
  • Normal edge finish 32 RMS.
  • Part to part repeatability is excellent.
  • Tolerances to 0.0005" and flatness to 0.001" per linear inch.
  • Small hole diameters can be pierced --- as small as 40% of the material thickness.
  • Holes can be close to the edge --- the web can be 40% the material thickness.
  • Eliminate many secondary operations: drilling, reaming, countersinking, counterboring, milling, broaching, shaving and flattening.
  • One stamping station can include:
    • piercing
    • coining
    • embossing
    • lancing
    • bending
    • blanking

Gripflow Costs

  • The costs of Gripflow parts are considerably less expensive than conventional stampings that require secondary operations or Fineblank stampings.
  • The most advanced machining techniques, including CNC machining, cannot compete with Gripflow production rates, part accuracy or quality.
  • Tooling cost forGripflow stamping dies can be 10% to 30% less than conventional stamping dies. These savings are a result of the specialized die-making procedures and equipment developed by EBway LLC.
  • Tooling cost for Gripflow stamping dies can be 20% to 50% less than Fineblank stamping dies.